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Carbon Literacy Training

Accredited training to help your people understand their role in tackling the climate crisis and embed sustainable behaviour changes to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint.
Claire Thew delivering Accredited Carbon Literacy Training.
Up to 15%
reduction in CO2 emissions
per individual trained
of people would work at a company
with a strong environmental agenda

What is Carbon Literacy?

Create meaningful conversations around climate change

Carbon Literacy is an accredited training scheme run by the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP). It raises awareness of the carbon costs and impacts of everyday activities and the ability and motivation to reduce emissions on an individual, community and organisational basis.
Two employees working through material that forms part of an accredited Carbon Literacy course.

Why Carbon Literacy Training?

Impact people, the planet and profit

Demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability

It's one thing to say that your organisation is committed to climate action, but it's another to show it. Carbon Literacy Training effectively demonstrates that your organisation has taken proactive steps to reduce its environmental impact. Many tender processes now include an assessment of your organisation’s commitment to climate action, and accreditation can boost your score. Customers are increasingly more likely to consider sustainability when choosing a particular product or service.

Reduce your carbon footprint and improve your bottom line

The CLP estimates that Carbon Literacy Training can deliver a 5-15% reduction in CO2 emissions per individual trained. This can positively affect your organisation's bottom line, with reduced emissions often linked to a reduction in costs from increased energy efficiencies and fewer business mileage expenses.

Engage staff on the journey to Net Zero

Our training courses will empower your people to understand how to take climate action and embed change into your Sustainability Strategy. As well as breaking down your organisation's carbon footprint, we'll also engage with your staff on the small, everyday, affordable steps they can take to reduce their personal impact.

Improve your ESG positioning with accreditation

Take things to the next level by becoming an accredited Carbon Literate Organisation. This will enable you to visibly display that your organisation is proactively taking climate action and working towards a Net Zero target. The accreditation adds value to improve your ESG and CSR credentials.

What's Covered?

Get to grips with climate change and start taking collective action in the workplace

Our Carbon Literacy courses address commercial challenges and opportunities. We ensure the content is interactive, engaging and meaningful to your staff. 
All our courses include the following:
  • Jargon busting around the climate crisis
  • What greenhouse gases are, and their relationship to weather and climate
  • The environmental and human impact of climate breakdown, locally, nationally, and globally
  • How changes in the climate are already affecting us and are likely to affect us in the future
  • How we can measure carbon footprints at home and work, and what steps we can take to reduce our impact
  • How we can motivate others to take steps and encourage collective action in the workplace
Delivery: The training is a full-day programme. At the end, participants submit group (workplace) and individual pledges to gain 'Carbon Literate' certification. The course can be delivered online and face-to-face. It is typically broken down into 3 x 2.5 hour sessions, plus 1.5 hours of home learning. We can alter this to suit your needs.
Claire Thew explaining how people can reduce their carbon emissions by taking a few simple steps.

What Our Clients Say

Join other like minded organisations engaging their people around climate change
Claire held all of our interest throughout the sessions
Excellent informal and engaging delivery style
I’ve definitely increased my awareness of the issues we face regarding the climate crisis and what changes I can make
Claire Thew interacting with a course attendee

What Next?

Take the first step towards accreditation today

1. Get in touch

Complete the contact form, and we'll be in touch to set up an initial informal meeting

2. Book a course

Sign-up for a Carbon Literacy Training course

3. Embed the culture

Implement the actions to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint

4. Share your success

Tell your stakeholders how your actions positively impact people and the planet
Claire Thew delivering Carbon Literacy Training to an organisation in the North East.

Other Courses

Carbon Literacy Training isn't the only tool we use to help organisations engage their employees around environmental sustainability

Sustainable Steps in Sixty Minutes

A whistle-stop introduction to the climate crisis and the key areas where we as individuals can make a big difference. These sessions focus on taking small, everyday, affordable steps to encourage participants to make a start on reducing their carbon footprint. Every session finishes with a 'call to action' - what small step(s) will you take now at work or home?

Climate Conversations

A more in-depth look into the climate crisis, covering some 'light touch' science on the causes and impacts locally, nationally and globally. This 2.5-hour course includes some jargon-busting to make an overwhelming subject feel more manageable. We also take a closer look at this topic from the employer and employee perspective, suggesting steps to minimise their carbon footprint.
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