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Climate Connections

Explore the link between climate change and mental health, and uncover practical ways to positively impact people's wellbeing and the environment.
of adults in the UK are
worried about climate change
12 million
people in the UK are vulnerable to adverse health because of climate-related events

What's The Connection?

The rise of eco-anxiety

Mental health and climate change are hot topics, and there is increasing evidence to show the two are closely linked.

Many people report feeling overwhelmed and worried about climate change. The term eco-anxiety is an extreme worry about the current and future harm to the environment caused by human activity and climate change. It can result from personal experience, constant media coverage, and the increasing pressure to minimise our impact at home and work.

Eco-anxiety can affect anyone, regardless of age, gender, or background. A recent report by Bath University found that 75% of young respondents believe the future is frightening.
Woman standing at the shoreline.

Why Climate Connections?

Find sustainable ways to affect employee wellbeing and the environment at the same time

Remove the anxiety around
climate change

The need to reduce our environmental footprint is real, causing increased anxiety levels at work and home. Supporting your staff to make manageable changes will minimise the effect on their wellbeing.

Create a culture committed to collectively taking action

The climate crisis isn't something we can tackle on our own. However, we can each take small steps, collectively making a big difference. We'll equip you with the practical tools to build a culture committed to working together for the good of the planet and others.

Reduce your organisation's carbon footprint

If we are to achieve Net Zero, every organisation needs to play its part. These workshops are designed to help your employees find ways to start making changes at work and home that reduce carbon emissions, whilst boosting mental wellbeing.

Engage staff in the conversation about the environment and mental wellbeing

It is proven that our relationship with the natural environment and mental health are linked. Our interactive workshops allow employees to explore the relationship between these two areas. We then openly discuss initiatives they could implement to support the planet and simultaneously boost wellbeing.

Woman reviewing Mental Health First Aid material

Current mental health issues, coupled with the ever-increasing concern for the planet, are significantly impacting how people want to live their lives in both professional and personal environments.

Clare Blunt - Director of Venture Zero

What's Covered?

Change the narrative around
mental health and climate change

The current narrative around the climate and mental health crisis is often negative. Our training will give you the hard facts while also inspiring hope.
We demonstrate how you can start making practical lifestyle changes that positively improve your mental wellbeing and the planet. These changes are designed to be affordable, realistic, and achievable.

No matter how small you start, your actions will count. We've structured the workshops around the 5-ways to wellbeing - an evidence-based framework used within the NHS. It has also been adopted by many schools and organisations.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the reality of the climate crisis
  • Recognise the synergy between climate crisis and wellbeing
  • Learn how small steps can make a big difference
  • Pledge to take action to support the planet and your wellbeing
Delivery: 3 hours face-to-face or online
Two employees working through material that forms part of an accredited Carbon Literacy course.

What Our Clients Say

Join other like minded organisations impacting people's wellbeing and the planet
Brilliant overview. Easy to understand.
The mix of wellbeing and
sustainability is brilliant
Content backed up by years of lived experience
working in field of mental health
Would definitely recommend this to others
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