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The Changing World of Work

Navigating uncertainty, disruption, and change

Organisations are facing new challenges in a rapidly changing world. Mental health issues, the climate crisis, and hybrid working to name a few.
Senior Management discussing challenges facing their business.

Our Changing Priorities

People are asking some tough questions

These challenges are making people rethink and reprioritise what they want personally and professionally. They’re asking tough questions, like...
  • Does my employer care about my mental wellbeing?
  • What impact is my organisation having on the environment?
  • Are there opportunities for me to find greater purpose in my day-to-day work?
Employee pinning questions to a wall.
Clare Blunt from Venture Zero engaging with two teachers whilst delivering a Youth Mental Health First Aid course.

The Opportunity

Organisations that adapt win in the long-term

Those organisations that can demonstrate how they positively invest in people and the planet are more likely to attract the best talent, reduce rates of absenteeism, and improve employee engagement.

Healthy businesses are twice as likely to hit their financial targets
Benefex 2021
of people would work at a company with a strong environmental agenda
40% ROI
For every £1 Telefonica UK spends engaging staff in relation to the business’ sustainability agenda, it receives £1.40 back
Engaging for Success

Workplace Wellbeing Services

Bringing together mental health and environmental sustainability to impact your triple-bottom line
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Claire Thew delivering Carbon Literacy Training to a business
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“Really interesting topic. I never thought health and wellbeing could be linked to sustainability.”

Workshop Attendee
Climate Connections

Mental Health
First Aid

Evidence-based training to help you better protect and improve people's mental health. We also offer ongoing support and mentorship for Mental Health First Aiders in the workplace.

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Youth Mental Health
First Aid

Designed for any organisation or individual engaging with young people aged 8 to 18. Learn how to confidently and safely address mental health issues.

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Carbon Literacy

Supporting your Net Zero strategy by creating awareness of carbon dioxide costs and their everyday impact. Understanding how to reduce your footprint on an individual, community, and organisational level.

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Climate Connections Workshops

Explore the synergy between climate change and mental health, and understand the small steps you can take to improve both.

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Purpose-Driven Development and Volunteer Days

Combining interactive educational workshops with outdoor experiences and/or volunteer opportunities to positively impact employee wellbeing and environmental sustainability.

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like-minded organisations on the journey to becoming consciously connected
Brilliant overview. Easy to understand.
The mix of wellbeing and
sustainability is brilliant
Content backed up by years of lived experience working in field of mental health
Would definitely recommend this to others

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