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Consciously Connected

We help organisations have a positive impact on their people, planet, and profitability by developing socially and environmentally connected workplaces.

Our Purpose

Responding to a changing world

The world continues to change at a rapid pace. Hybrid working, climate change, and rising living costs are just a few challenges we are now facing. These issues affect our mental wellbeing, our communities, and the planet. Now, more than ever, we must find ways to remain consciously connected with one another and with our environment.
Clare Blunt delivering a Mental Health First Aid training course.
A man and a woman interacting during a Mental Health First Aid training course.

What We Do

Impacting people, planet and profitability

Mental wellbeing and environmental sustainability have generally been viewed as two distinct areas. We bring them together to help organisations improve their triple bottom line - People, Planet, and Profitability.
Creating social value for all stakeholders
Reducing their environmental footprint
Affecting positive change that improves profitability

Our Process

Four steps to becoming
more consciously connected



Engage your people in conversations around mental health, wellbeing, and environmental sustainability



Equip people at all levels with the tools they need to have a positive impact



Embed the culture within your organisation to ensure long-term sustainability



Evaluate how the changes have affected your people, planet, and profitability

Our Brand Pillars

Connection, Collaboration, and Community


We gear everything towards helping people consciously connect with one another and their environment.


We believe in harnessing the power of partnerships to work towards a common goal and develop sustainable solutions to the challenges we find.


We actively encourage people to come together, to share ideas, and to feel part of something meaningful.

Our Story

Collaborating to improve social and environmental wellbeing

Venture Zero came from a conversation between two friends, Claire Thew and Clare Blunt, during the pandemic.

The conversation quickly turned to the impact of the lockdown on their friends, family, and communities.
Clare Blunt and Claire Thew standing on the North East coastline.
Claire was passionate about the positive changes we saw in the natural environment in a very short space of time. The reduction in litter, thriving marine life, and a decrease in pollution levels. However, those short-term gains quickly became a distant memory when the world started moving around again. The negative impact of human behaviour was visible.

To counteract this locally, Claire created a community group called Totally Tynemouth. The group rallied local people for litter picks and beach clean-ups. It also became a trusted source of information for residents.

In the same conversation, Clare shared her concerns about the pandemic's impact on people's mental health and wellbeing. Everyone she'd spoken to had a different experience. Some took the opportunity to reflect and form renewed connections with loved ones. Others became isolated, frustrated, and scared. Clare provided online support to people within the community, throughout the lockdown, and delivered mental health training to various organisations.

As they chatted, a new business case started to form and develop. Recognising the rise in ‘eco-anxiety’, they both realised that mental health and environmental sustainability could no longer sit in isolation. The current research proves it.

Venture Zero brings together their passions to make a positive difference in people's mental wellbeing, while protecting the environment for future generations.
Claire Thew

Claire Thew

Director - Environmental Sustainability Lead
20 years' experience in the environmental sector delivering public communication campaigns
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Claire has more than 20 years of experience in the environmental sector delivering public communication campaigns. Most of this time was spent in the waste and recycling sector, trying to change people's behaviours and generally feeling a sense of panic around climate change. She did everything from digging around in bins to speaking at conferences. 

A few years ago, Claire decided to leave the public sector and go it alone. Her passion is to engage with people in a way that inspires climate action. She is a certified Carbon Literacy Trainer, developing courses to help organisations and their staff to take small, affordable, everyday steps to reduce their environmental impact.   
Clare Blunt

Clare Blunt

Director - Mental Health Lead
25 years’ experience working in the mental health sector, including delivering mental health training and coaching
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Professionally, Clare spent the first 17 years of her career as a social worker, predominantly in the field of adult mental health and drug and alcohol services. She loved this role at the time but became increasingly frustrated with the constraints of the job. It also impacted her mental health, and she needed to take steps to prevent burnout.

So she formed a business to provide mental health support, training, and coaching to various individuals and organisations. Through her work, Clare has supported businesses to better understand the mental health needs of their people and to develop a culture where people feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work. She is also an approved Mental Health First Aid Instructor.

Within Venture Zero, we are driven by the emerging research highlighting the link between mental health and the environment. We are also advocates for promoting a sustainable way of life that protects the planet and benefits an individual's mental wellbeing.

Claire Thew and Clare Blunt - Directors of Venture Zero