5 Reasons Why Your Organisation Should Invest in Carbon Literacy Training

Discover how Carbon Literacy Training can help your organisation on the road to net zero by embedding sustainable behaviour changes that impact people, planet, and profit.

May 9, 2023

The journey to net zero is a hot topic in the business world, with organisations under increasing pressure to demonstrate their commitment to combating climate change. This pressure isn't just from the government. Employees and customers are now demanding businesses, both for-profit and non-profit, to show they're proactively working to reduce carbon emissions and have an increasingly positive impact on the planet. Those that get this balance right are more likely to attract the best talent and retain customers in the long term. 

But where do you even start? In this blog post, we'll unpack how Carbon Literacy Training can help your organisation get on track and take steps towards embedding sustainable behaviour changes that transform your triple-bottom line - people, planet and profit.    

What is Carbon Literacy Training?

Carbon Literacy is an accredited training scheme by the Carbon Literacy Project (CLP) that explains the causes and impacts of our everyday carbon emissions. It acts as a starting point for making changes to tackle climate change on an individual, community, and organisational level. Research has shown that the training helps achieve carbon savings of between 5% and 15% per person.

Organisations can also achieve Carbon Literate Organisation accreditation to further support the development, recruitment and retention of their people. There are four tiers - bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

What are the benefits of Carbon Literacy Training?

1. Give your people a clear understanding of the issues

The topic of climate change can be overwhelming. Phrases like net zero, greenhouse gases, and carbon footprint are commonplace. Carbon Literacy Training breaks down the jargon and gives a clear picture of climate change issues facing our planet. Having a solid baseline understanding is a critical starting point for addressing the climate crisis. According to the UN, education is our most powerful tool for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to a changing climate.

2. Join thousands of other organisations demonstrating a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint

According to the Carbon Literacy Trust, more than 4,000 organisations are currently engaged with carbon literacy learning. These organisations effectively demonstrate that they're taking proactive steps to reduce their environmental impact. Showing an active commitment to reducing your carbon footprint can immediately impact your business's ability to procure future work. Competitive tender processes often require evidence of the steps you're taking concerning climate action. Having accreditation from the Carbon Literacy Trust can boost your score.

3. Empower your people to make changes that impact the planet and their wellbeing

People are at the heart of your organisation, so it's essential that you bring them along on your sustainability journey. Carbon Literacy Training looks at the changes you can make at an organisational level and the small steps individuals can take to reduce their own carbon footprint at home and work. These changes are practical and affordable. Tackling the climate emergency isn't one person's responsibility. It's a collective effort, with everyone feeling empowered to make a change. Involving your people can also increase job satisfaction and provide a greater sense of purpose.

4. Embed behaviour change across your organisation

The actions you take to reduce your organisation's carbon footprint will require changes in people's behaviour. Behaviour change isn't something that happens overnight. Carbon Literacy Training acts as a catalyst for embedding change across your organisation. At the end of the training, group and individual pledges outline the practical steps you're committed to taking that will reduce carbon emissions.

5. Shout about your proactive approach to investing in people and the planet

Customers are increasingly making buying decisions based on the environmental credentials of a business. It's easy to be all talk and no action. Accreditation through the Carbon Literacy Trust will clearly show customers your desire to protect the planet. It will also help with your future recruitment plans, as attracting the best talent is becoming increasingly difficult. A study by Fast Company found that pay and benefits are no longer the two main factors influencing people's choice of employer. More than 70% of employees would work at a company with a robust environmental agenda.     

How can I register for Carbon Literacy Training?

We run a small number of open training courses throughout the year. You can also book a bespoke course for your organisation specifically. We'll then work with you to design the sessions to align with your specific challenges and opportunities. To find out more, get in touch via the contact form or email info@venturezero.co.uk.